Woolworths/Safeway New Enterprise Agreement October 2008

October 2008

A negotiating Committee consisting of Graham Bird, AMIEU Secretary, Paul Conway, Assistant Secretary,Laurie Burley and Bob Savine, Organisers, and Kathy Haddock (Fountain Gate), Carl Bull (Relief Butcher), Bill Young (Relief Butcher), Tom Best (Altona Nth), David Carne (Croydon) Chris Wialletton (Laverton West) Julie Hutton (Vermont) and Jenny Crump (Lilydale)  has had a number of meetings with Safeway HR Management.

As a result of these negotiations the Committee has unanimously agreed to recommend to Safeway members a new Woolworths/Safeway Agreement for the next 3 years. The Committee believes that the new agreement is a good one. It maintains all existing conditions that are unique to supermarket meat rooms in Victoria.


1.The agreement is for three years.
If agreed to, it will operate until 26 September 2011.
2.Wage increase of 4% per annum compounded
All allowances will also be increased by 4%.
The first increase will be backdated to 29 September 2008.  Annual increases will then be paid on 29 September 2009 and 29 September 2010.



PAY RATES 29/09/2008 29/09/2009 29/09/2010
BUTCHER 747.50 777.40 808.50
MEAT ASSISTANT 672.74 699.65 727.64
CABINET ATTENDANT 659.66 686.05 713.49
WRAPPER/PACKER 20 yrs 659.66 686.05 713.49
WRAPPER/PACKER 19 yrs 560.72 583.14 606.47
WRAPPER/PACKER 18 yrs 494.75 514.54 535.12
WRAPPER/PACKER 17 yrs 395.79 411.62 428.08
WRAPPER/PACKER 16 yrs 329.83 343.02 356.74
APPRENTICE 1st Year  373.73   388.68 404.23
APPRENTICE 2nd Year 485.87 505.30 525.51
APPRENTICE 3rd Year 635.38 660.79 687.22
APPRENTICE 4th Year 710.11 738.51 768.05

4.The qualifying period increases to 6 months.

Time off in lieu of overtime payments may be provided if an employee so elects and it is agreed to by the Company.  Such time off in lieu is to be taken at a mutually convenient time and within four weeks of the overtime being worked. 

Time off in lieu must equate to the penalty rate. For example 2 hours overtime worked at 150% would entitle you to 3 hours off in lieu of payment.

6.Hours of Work
A full time employee may request to work a five day shift of 38 hours per week (with no RDO) and if agreed to by the company then shall be paid at 1/38th their applicable weekly rate.
The employee can at any time request to revert back to a five day 40 hour shift with an RDO.

7.Public Holidays
Public Holidays remain voluntary for all employees. Full time employees can now work a minimum of 3 hours on a public holiday. 
You can now elect to take time off in lieu of payment for work on public holidays if agreed to by the Company.  Such time off must be taken at a mutually convenient time within 4 weeks of the public holiday. 
Time off in lieu must equate to the penalty rate for the public holiday.  For example for 3 hours worked at 250% you would receive normal pay rate 100% plus 3 hours @150%, or 4½ hours off as time in lieu.

Time off in lieu of overtime or public holidays, or changes to weekly hours, are entirely voluntary and can be made only at your request. 

8.Compassionate Leave
The compassionate leave clause has been improved.  It now includes a period of 2 days of paid compassionate leave for each occasion when a member of the employee’s immediate family or a member of the employee’s household:contracts or develops a personal illness that poses a serious threat to his or her life; or sustains a personal injury that poses a serious threat to his or her life. Woolworths retains the right to ask the employee for proof of the illness or emergency.

9.Sick Leave and Family Leave
These clauses have been combined into a Personal Leave clause.  This also allows for up to 2 days unpaid leave when an employee needs to care for a family member or in an emergency. The paid leave must be exhausted before the unpaid leave can be used.

10.Parental Leave
Maternity leave, paternity leave and adoption leave have been extended to 104 weeks. The Woolworths Parental Leave policy also applies to eligible employees. The Rudd Government may also introduce some extra paid maternity leave.

The negotiating committee believes that this is a very good agreement for the next 3 years. We are hopeful that the agreement encourages Safeway management to maintain meat rooms AMIEU members are proud to work in.


Copies of the Agreement will be available from 3rd November 2008. The law requires that this be available to you for two weeks prior to a vote. The Union will issue another newsletter and voting slips from 14th November 2008. Two weeks will be allowed for the vote to take place. 

If you have any questions please contact your Union Organisers
Laurie Burley 0418 103627 or Bob Savine 0417 328854, or the Union office.