Woolworths Laverton Plant

There has been a lot of talk in regards to what’s going to happen when the new Laverton plant opens. The main concern from members is will I have a job once it opens. We have made contact with the state HR advisor for Victoria. She is telling us at this stage she doesn’t know what’s going to happen when it opens. She did say that there is a meeting in late November early December which should shed some light on what’s going on. The position from Woolworths is business as usual.

We are surprised that Woolworths wouldn’t know whether their cutting stores will remain as is or be going fully pre-pack or follow the model of the stores that have been refurbed and have a servery put in. Obviously we want plenty of notice to what will happen so we can notify all our members. Our understanding of what took place in Western Australia is that once it was decided to go fully pre-pack things moved fairly fast. We will continue to press Woolworths for an answer so we can inform you.

We also have had discussions with the Senior HR Manager which will be overseeing the new Laverton plant. She also is saying that she doesn’t know how the new plant would affect staffing in the cutting stores. She did indicate that some positions would be available which members would apply online and transfer across like any other store position. We will be shortly going into in discussions to do a Greenfields agreement for the new plant with meetings scheduled for after Christmas. This is basically drafting up an agreement before the Plant is up and running which will cover pay and conditions. This will give the Amieu access to the site. The time frame of when it opens is looking like September 2015.

Obviously there are a lot of unanswered questions which we will continue to seek clarification on. As soon as we know so will you.

EBA negotiations for a new Woolworths National Agreement will be commencing in November. The Amieu will be a party to these negotiations. We will keep you updated once they commence.

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