Woolworths EBA Negotiations

Newsletter to Victorian AMIEU Members

June 2012

Dear Member,

Enclosed in this envelope is the AMIEU Federal newsletter, however with out re-wording the entire newsletter we would like to highlight some areas we believe you should be aware of.

  1. The AMIEU were never invited to take part in these negotiations, we had to invite ourselves. All meetings to negotiate the new agreement were held in the SDA offices in Sydney apart from one which was held in the SDA offices in Melbourne.
  2. Victorian meat room workers have lost the most in this new agreement compared to the old Victorian AMIEU/WOOLWORTH Agreements. The company wanted to remove the appendix B from this agreement however we successfully argued that it remain.
  3. At one stage during the negotiations Woolworths negotiation members left the room and refused to come back until the Victorian branch of the AMIEU removed from its website your log of claims. Having been given no notice that the EBA negotiations were about to commence the only way to inform our membership quickly was through our website, however Woolworths claimed this was not in the spirit of good faith bargaining, so we had to remove your log of claims from our website in order to get the Woolworths committee back in the room and back at the negotiating table.
  4. We wanted the Meat Industry Employees Superannuation Fund included in the choice of super funds however this was opposed by the SDA and so now you have an agreement that offers no choice.
  5. The SDA agreed to a 3% wage increase per year were we could not agree without some important AMIEU claims being agreed to. Our claims were rejected.
  6. The AMIEU does not agree that a company which continually boasts record net profit growth should pay the people who generate that profit a pay rise where they will go backwards in real terms. The AMIEU also believes that the biggest and most profitable retailer in Australia should not give a lesser pay rise than their biggest competitor Coles.
  7. The company do not want the AMIEU listed as a Union within the wording of the agreement.
  8. Since the negotiation meetings concluded the AMIEU has made several requests to speak with the company to voice our concerns in regard to how the negotiations concluded. The company so far has not responded.
  9. Shortly, you will receive notice from the company and the SDA of the outcomes of the negotiations. It is now up to you to make your vote count, only people who vote will be counted. Many people do not bother to vote, make sure you do. No doubt the company and the SDA, as in past tradition will encourage all workers to vote yes.....”vote for a wage increase”
  10. Remember members, if the EBA is voted down, the company will be forced to recommence negotiations. Let them know you deserve better. We recommend that you vote ‘NO’.
  11. Enclosed in this envelope is a direct debit form we would encourage you to fill in and return to the Victorian branch of the AMIEU. Once we have your direct debit form we can direct debit your Union fees from your nominated bank account and stop the company making money on your Union payroll deductions, currently the company take 10% of your Union fees in administration costs.
  12. Regardless of what you may be told the AMIEU is still very active and will continue to give you strong support. AMIEU members know that if you call on us for support at work you will get it. We do not compromise our members’ best interests.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact your retail organiser.

Michael Newman                                                     Sean Reilly
041 810 3627                                                          041 732 8854