We Want the Highest Protection NOT the Lowest

National Review of OHS Acts – Review Panel Recommendations
Come and Hear What the Panel Said and What Their Recommendations Could Mean for Victorian Workers

In May last year we told you that:
The Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard announced a national OHS Review. The Federal and State governments have decided to undertake a process of “harmonisation”. What will this mean? Too often in the past it has meant that all laws should go to the “lowest common denominator”. We need to keep pressure on the governments to make sure that the proposed law meets the highest level of protection, not the lowest.”

Look on our health and safety reps website and see what we have been saying on http://meatiesohs.org check out the story Fight for the Highest Standards

Well the Review Panel has made their recommendations and the Workplace Relations Ministers are considering them on 3rd April 2009. They will decide what should be in the proposed occupational health and safety laws.

If the Review Panel’s Recommendations are put into the proposed laws your rights to a healthy and safe workplace will be reduced, in particular your rights as HSRs will be seriously undermined.

Rights of Health & Safety Reps that have been in Law in Victoria since 1985 must be defended. Come and find out what could happen if we can’t convince our State and Federal Governments to make laws that meet the highest level of protection not the lowest.

9.00am to 10.30am
Thursday 2nd April 2009
Victorian Trades Hall Council Chamber
54 Victoria Street
Carlton South

The AMIEU urges our Health and Safety Representatives and Job Delegates to come.

Meet at the AMIEU Office, 62 Lygon Street, Carlton South (two buildings away from Trades Hall) at 8.30am.