Vote Yes for Protected Action

Members at Somerville Retail Services

As you would be aware the AMIEU have been working hard at securing SRS members an enterprise agreement. The outcome of this will bring you much higher wage increases every year and greater working conditions than the award you are currently working under.

The negotiations have dragged on now since late last year, and although negotiating the very first agreement can be difficult and indeed take a while to get it right, we believed after our meeting back in June that the agreement was ready to be put to you for a vote. After this meeting SRS were to make the final agreed changes to the document and the AMIEU would then view it and agree to let members vote on it.

The document we received had a large number of changes to it that were either not discussed at all or not agreed on. This was not good faith bargaining.

Acting on instructions from a large number of our members growing concerns to the negotiations, we applied to the commission for a Protected Action Ballot which was granted. I do want to stress the fact that although it is not the union’s intent to take industrial action straight away, and in fact now that SRS have a new Human Resources manager we hope that there will be no need for members to take action.

As you will see on your notice board in the lunch room, this Monday 12/08/13 and Tuesday 13/08/13 the Australian Electoral commission will be conducting a vote for members who wish to have the opportunity to take industrial action should the need arise, and your Union organiser Jarrod Jones will be there to overlook the process.

The AMIEU is still continuing with negotiations and our next meeting is scheduled for this Friday 09/08/13 at 10am.

It is important for members to have their vote and to vote YES to all types of action. Any type of action will not be taken by the Union without the majority of members voting in favour of it. It is important to keep our options open and keep SRS on their toes; so tick YES to all types of action on the ballot paper.


Jarrod Jones
7 August 2013