18 October 2011


The Coles Negotiating Committee consisting of Paul Conway, Union Assistant Secretary, Union Organisers Laurie Burley and Collin Ross, and Russell Carroll (Sydenham), Mick Davison (Knox), Phillip Ganino (Diamond Creek), Christopher Kelly (Warragul), Michael Newman (Seymour), Dione Pedrina (Pinewood), Jason Peters (Burwood), Sean Reilley (Sandringham), Judy Walliss (Richmond) and Christopher Wialletton (Melton South) had several meetings with Coles/Westfarmers HR Management to discuss the new Agreement for Coles meat departments in Victoria..



The Union and the Negotiating Committee urge you to vote in favour of the new Agreement. 

It is very important that you vote.

The Agreement is a good one.  It demonstrates the value of a large and united Union membership.  It will protect your conditions for the next three years. Many of these conditions, for example the 75 penalty rate on Saturdays and the adult rate for Cabinet Attendants, apply only in Victorian meat rooms.  


  • 3 year agreement.
  • Wage increases of 3% per annum compounded.  Allowances will also be increased by 3% p.a.

The first wage increase will be effective from 29th November 2011.

  • Retention of weekend penalties. 
    • 75% Saturday and 100% Sunday.
    • Working on Saturday and Sunday remain voluntary for full timers.
  • Protection of the adult rate of pay for all workers employed as Cabinet Attendants. 
  • Retention of penalty payments for sick leave including any shift allowances, penalty payments or overtime payments as provided for in the Agreement.
  • Butchers Picnic retained as a paid holiday.


•    Classifications

  • Meat Department Manager will become “Meat Team Leader”.  Meat Department Managers employed prior to the commencement of the new EBA may by agreement manage the Meat Department along with another department in the store.
  • Meat Team Leaders engaged after the commencement of the new EBA may be required to manage the Meat Department along with another department in the store.
  • A new “In Charge Allowance” will be paid on a pro-rata hourly basis when a team member agrees to perform the responsibilities of the Meat Team Leader.
  • No new team members will be engaged as Second in Charge.  Existing 2IC’s will continue to receive the allowance.

•    Apprentices

Tradesperson to apprentice ratios removed.  Provision for school based apprenticeships and inclusion of a supervision of apprentices clause.

•    Hours of Work

  • Normal hours of work for full time team members will be  5am to 7pm Monday to Friday.
  • Hours for part-time team members may be 5am to 10pm Monday to Saturday, paid at the stipulated casual rate.
  • A new full time team member engaged on or after the commencement of the EBA may be engaged to work a five day shift of 38 hours without an RDO.
  • A full time team member engaged prior to the commencement of the EBA may request to work a five day shift of 38 hours per week in lieu of a five day shift of 40 hours per week with an RDO.
  • Part time team members can work up to 48 hours as flex up (paid at the stipulated casual rate) in any week in December, January, Easter and over school holidays.
  • Team members who are parents or have responsibility for the care of a child may request in writing a change to their working arrangements to assist with the care of their child.

•    Parental Leave

Permanent team members with at least 6 months continuous service will be entitled to 26 weeks parental leave.  Concurrent leave increased to 8 weeks. The right to return to work part time until the child turns 2 years old.

•    Emergency Services

Inclusion of an entitlement to paid time off for permanent team members to attend local emergencies, and a minimum of 2 paid days to attend non-local emergencies.  Casual team members entitled to unpaid emergency services leave.

•    Public Holidays

Where a store is unable to trade due to trading hours legislation and the day is not a public holiday, team members can elect to take annual leave or accumulated time off in lieu, change their roster or take unpaid leave.

Non-working day provisions will no longer apply where an additional public holiday is declared, prescribed or legislated.

Good Agreement
The negotiating Committee believes that this is a very good agreement for members in Coles meat departments for the next 3 years. 

If you have any questions please contact your Union Organiser
Laurie Burley 0418 103627 or the Union office 03 96623766.

The Agreement must be accepted by a majority of Coles members.  Please indicate whether or not you are prepared to accept this proposal by ticking the appropriate box on the ballot paper that was sent out by mail. Return it to the Union office in the envelope provided by Monday 31st October 2011.