Victorian Branch Committee of Management

Below are the results of the election for the Committee of Management, conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009 and the rules of the organisation.
Jeff Webb, Returning Officer, declared the following people to have been elected unopposed on 19 September 2017 

Branch Officials - Committee of Management*

Kathleen Haddock

Daniel Gili
Vice President









Secretary/Treasurer, Paul Conway
Assistant Secretary, Barrie Chalkley
Organiser, Sean Reilly
Organiser, Jason Piper
Organiser, Jarrod Jones
Organiser, Gwynnyth Evans - with responsibility for Health & Safety and WorkCover

Representatives from Victorian Supermarkets:
Baden Collison, Stephen Conway, Dione Pedrina, Jason Peters, Christopher Wialletton and Anthony Zaffiro

Representatives from Establishments other than Supermarkets
Gavan Bishop, Martha Bozan, Frank Brook, Anthony Saunders, Jason Williamson

Representatives from Victorian Regional Areas

Vaughan Allen, William (Bill) Budge, Russell Dempster, Kevin Earl, Darrel Holgate, Darren Jasper, Benjamin Lepoidevin and Robert Slimmon

* Note: The elections for the COM take place every 4 years. If a member leaves the industry, they resign and the position remains vacant until the next elections. Workplace Delegates are different structures from the Committee of Management.

Federal Council Delegates

Barrie Chalkley and Gwynnyth Evans