Union Officers

paul conwaySecretary Paul Conway

Paul was elected as Union Organiser in November 1997.  Prior to this he had worked at Herds for 17 years. He started work on the mutton chain at M.C.Herd in Corio in November 1980.  After three months he moved on to the beef line.  He worked at Herds for 17 years.  He was elected as the Herd's Health and Safety Representative, the Union Shed Delegate and also as Herd's members' Committee of Management representative for a number of years.
Paul has been trained in Occupational Health & Safety, Train the Trainer, Mintrac, Workplace Assessor, WorkCover Conciliation and Computers.
He was an Organisere for 7 years. Then for a year from November 2004 Paul stepped out of Organising and became a Health and Safety Representatives Support Officer. When Paul Davey decided to retire, Paul Conway returned to his broad industrial role and he was elected as the Assistant Secretary.

In October 2011 Graham Bird, Secretary, retired and Paul became Secretary. He has been elected as Secretary repeatedly since then.

Assistant Secretary Gwynnyth Evans

Following the resignation of Barrie Chalkley, the position of Assistant Secretary went to an extraordinary election run by the Australian Electoral Commission. Gwynnyth Evans was elected unopposed.

Gwynnyth has been an official of the AMIEU Victorian Branch since May 1999 as Health and Safety/Workers Compensation Officer and an Organiser of a number of smallgoods working places. She also edits the Victorian Meat Worker and is the person who works on this web page.
She has been on the WorkCover Advisory Committee since 2000 and the Compensation and Rehabilitation Working Party since 2001.

For 4 years before coming to the AMIEU she was the Victorian Trades Hall Council WorkCover Officer who developed training for Conciliation Assistants, set up Union Assist and developed VTHC policies on WorkCover.
Some years prior to this she had been VTHC Occupational Health and Safety Standards Development Officer for several years, coordinating Union input into Regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidance Material for several years before the abolition of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Commission. She was involved in the initiation of negotiations that eventually gave rise to the National Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Meat Industry.
From 1986 to 1990 she had been Health and Safety Officer for the Australian Nursing Federation with a year seconded to VOHSC/DOL to draft a Code of Practice for the Health Industry.
From 1983 she was Development Officer with the Workers' Health Action Group organising campaigns to get decent Occupational Health and Safety laws. In this role she was also involved in campaigns to have the workers' compensation system recognise injuries such as Overuse Injuries. She was also involved in developing and providing health and safety training for a number of Unions.
Prior to being employed in Occupational Health and Safety she worked in jobs against racism, for women's rights and for Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders' rights.

Organiser Jarrod Jones

In October 2011 Jarrod Jones Joined the Victorian Branch as an Organiser.Jarrod started work in the meat industry in 1996 when he was an apprentice butcher at Coles. After finishin his apprenticeship he went on to boning and slicing, initially at the Footscray Market. He has worked in a number of boning rooms such as Australian Pork Meat where he was boning and slicing pork, and Seattle Meats and Tatiara.
In 2006 Jarrod started at Tasman Meats in Brooklyn where he was boning and slicing beef, mutton, calves and lamb according to the seasons. He also trained as a sawman which has has been doing since JBS bought out Tasman Meats at Brooklyn. For the past 3 years he has been the boning room delegate and then works' delegate at Brooklyn and has also been an observer at the AMIEU Committee of Management.
Jarrod's area of responsibility will include a range of boning rooms including SRS and a number of workplaces with EBAs such as Australian Tallow Production, Colonial Farm, Mackay Casings, Nathalia, Peerless, Radfords, Tatura Abattoirs and Wangaratta.

Organiser Adam Blyth

In April 2018 Adam Blyth joined the Victorian Branch as an Organiser after 17 years as a union member in the meat industry. In recent years he has worked at Tasman Meats/JBS Swift in the lamb boning room.
In this time he has been a union delegate for the lamb room. He was employed as a boner/ boner trainer and assessor. For the last 8 years he has operated the bandsaw as well as training workers on the use of the bandsaw.
In the quiet periods in lamb production Adam has boned and sliced beef. He has also developed significant knowledge of work on the lamb kill floor.
Adam has been involved in the production side of operations with Aus Meat. This has involved production and planning, export, cold storage, OHS and on the job training of knife hands and labourers.
Adam looks forward to meeting many more meatworkers and assisting AMIEU members with many issues. He is taking over from Barrie Chalkley in a number of the abattoirs.

Organiser Jason Piper

Jason Piper joined the Victorian Branch in June, 2015, as an Organiser.  Prior to this, he had been employed with Coles as a full time Butcher for just under three years.  He was elected the Union Delegate for the Rowville region in 2014, and attended the 2014 Coles Enterprise Bargaining Agreement negotiations.
Jason started an apprenticeship in butchering at the age of 17, working in various small businesses,  and then moved into Woolworths Supermarkets to complete his qualifications.  In 1999, Jason purchased his own small business in the Pet Food Industry, and utilised his skills in the production of fresh pet meat, moving into manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales.  He expanded this business over a period of thirteen years, and at this point, sold the business and moved back into butchering.
Jason has many years’ experience in the meat industry and a good knowledge base of the supermarket system.  He will be servicing the Northern and Western suburbs.

Organiser Baden Collisson

In May 2018 Baden Collisson who has worked as a cabinet attendant in meat rooms at Coles for the last 9 years has become an Organiser.
Before going into the retail industry Baden had worked as a labourer. He had been a farm hand where he learned to slaughter sheep, raised on the farm he worked and lived on. He had also worked in an abattoir for two years where he started off as a labourer and got experience in packing, then moved into trimming and had started to learn boning before moving on.
His experience in labouring around the traps gave Baden a good understanding of the need to have a strong union. This led to him becoming a Coles’ meat room delegate about 18 months ago and a member of the AMIEU Committee of Management in 2017, following in the footsteps of an ‘in-law’.
The other commitment that Baden has in common with many of the people who have been organisers in the AMIEU is martial arts, as well as unionism.