Union Fights and Wins

Fletchers sack unionised Filipino workers on 457 Visas - Union fights and Wins

On behalf of the sacked Filipino workers who were previously employed at Fletcher International - I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to UnionsWA, affiliated Unions who donated, union delegates and rank and file members, community groups and Migrante  who gave so generously to assist these vulnerable workers who were unable to access any welfare benefits, medicare benefits and were not permitted to work.

Your kind donations have helped these feed, cloth and shelter these workers during this difficult period.

The Union has found an alternative employer - Tatiara Meat Company located in Bordertown South Austalia who were successfull in getting a Meat Industry Labour Agreement registered. The workers concerned have also had new visas issued by DIAC and will commence work in an abattoir with an AMIEU agreement and will enjoy far superior wages and conditions

Five of our members at an abattoir at Narrikup – located out of Albany were allegedly made “redundant”. These members were very active within the Union leadership group and have been vocal about legitimate grievances about wages and conditions at Fletcher International.

Fletchers International have been sanctioned by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship for breaches of their obligations as sponsors of 457 visa workers. They have appealed to the Migration Review Tribunal – We understand that the DIAC sanction of 12 months was reduced to 6 months by the Migration Review Tribunal

The Meat Workers Union and our members are being systematically targeted by Fletchers as the main reason for the DIAC sanctions.

Thanking you for any assistance, support or resources for these workers and their families


In Solidarity

Graeme Haynes

Branch Secretary AMIEU (WA)