Union Dues from 1 July 2021

Dear Member,

Message from the Secretary

Throughout the years, the AMIEU, through you, its members, has continued the fight for the future of the meat industry and better conditions and wages for its workers. As part of the broader union movement, the Union has also fought for fairness and equality for all people within and beyond the workplace..

The COVID-19 epidemic has greatly affected Australian meat industry workers in 2020-2021, resulting in shortages and high stock costs. AMIEU’s commitment is very strong in continuing the fight to improve member’s wages and working conditions. We also oppose live exports and take every opportunity to raise the issue in the government and industry sectors. We encourage all store and shed workers across the country to speak up, be active and be united in the future..

Union Dues

The Victorian Branch Committee of Management have set Union fees for 1st of July 2021 to 30th of June 2022 to increase by 0.20¢ (20 cents).

The new fees as of 1 July 2021 are outlined in the table below:

for employees with average gross earning less than $750 per wee
Weekly $10.20 $5.10
Half (½) Yearly $265.20 $132.60
Yearly $530.40 $265.20

At the end of each financial year, we will issue a payment receipt for your tax records. Union dues are tax deductible so please keep your receipts for your records and remember to advise us if you change your address. Members who pay by payroll deduction please check your group certificate.  

Members paying by direct debit are reminded that deductions are made each Thursday morning. Your payments will be automatically adjusted unless you advise us otherwise
Please contact your workplace Delegate, your Organiser or the Union Office if you have any further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Conway