Tell the SDA

Don’t give away meat workers conditions
Don’t help the bosses drive down all workers’ penalty rates

Penalty rates have been a fixture of the industrial relations landscape for generations, and zealously protected by the union movement.

An agreement has been reached between the Shop, Distributive  and Allied Employees Association (SDA) and Business South Australia to eliminate Saturday and evening penalty rates; halve those paid on Sundays, and reduce them on public holidays from 150 per cent to 100 per cent.

That the deal appears to have been initiated by the "Shoppies" would have been doubly satisfying for the Business Council. The parliamentarians and employer bodies have made it clear that they consider that the South Australian SDA proposal is a good step in driving down wages.

With the help of the SDA, Wesfarmers are proposing to drive down Coles meat workers’ wages and conditions. After all they only made a profit of $1,380,000,000 in the six months to 31 December 2014!

There have been Coles - AMIEU EBAs for decades. Currently meatworkers in Coles are paid penalty rates in addition to ordinary time rates of pay. We earn overtime rates on evenings after 7.00pm (time and a half for the first 2 hours and double time after that); 75% penalty rates on Saturdays and 100% penalty rates on Sundays; weekend work is voluntary.

Coles and the SDA have agreed on an EBA that would replace the Coles – AMIEU Agreements in all of Australia. For all new meatworkers they have agreed to eliminate or reduce our penalty rates; to introduce mandatory weekend work; to reduce pay on sick leave; to eliminate rostered days off; and to remove adult rates for young meat packers and cabinet attendants.

In justification Coles and SDA say that these conditions will only apply to new employees. The AMIEU says “One Job – One Rate” we want to defend the workers of the future, not just the past.

We call on striking Coles AMIEU Meat room members to join us in protest action:

Wednesday 1 April 2015
SDA National Office
53 Queen Street

Call on the SDA to stand with us - not against us

All weekend workers, all evening/night shift workers, permanent or casual, who forgo the chance to socialise or spend time with family and friends should be compensated for that lost opportunity.

We call on community members and other unions to join us in defence of penalty rates.