Tabro Meats OHS fines now over $455,000

On June 16 meat exporter, Tabro Meat Pty Ltd, operator of the abattoir at Lance Creek pleaded guilty in the LaTrobe Valley Magistrates' Court and was convicted and fined $75,000 (plus costs of $3,200) as a result of an April 2012 incident.

A subcontractor electrician was seriously injured when he walked into a drainage pit containing extremely hot liquid. Maintenance work had been conducted on the area earlier in the day in an attempt to clear a blockage but the pit had been left unattended. 

This latest incident brings the amount of fines against this company to over $455,000. Last year the company was fined $350,000 after a worker was fatally crushed in a rotating knocking box, and $30,000 after another worker's right middle finger was severed above the middle knuckle by a bandsaw.

Tabro Meat had been sold to HY Australia Holdings Pty Ltd, on May 9. HY Australia Holdings Pty Ltd was only registered as a company name at the end of February. HY Australia Holdings Pty Ltd is directed by Jacky Yan Jiang, based in Melbourne with a further two directors, Yangyou Chen and Lei Li based in Bejing, China.

One member of the Brorsen family, Shaun, is listed as the fourth and final director of Tabro Meat but Mr Brorsen does not have shares in the company, with HY Australia Holdings Pty Ltd owning 100 per cent of the shares.