Strike Looming at JBS Beef Plant (Greeley) USA

Oct 16, 2013

  • 3,000 Local 7 Members preparing to strike largest employer in Greeley
  • Despite record-breaking profits company demands reduction in benefits
  • Union cites corporate greed for creating a potential work stoppage

(Greeley, CO)  Local 7 has been in negotiations with Brazilian-owned JBS meat packer since August 1, 2013.

The Union agreed to a one month extension to October 20, 2013, to avoid a labor-management dispute but many fundamental issues remain unresolved.

The Company is demanding unwarranted cuts to employees’ healthcare benefits which include:

  • Elimination of healthcare coverage for spouses
  • Increasing deductibles from $1,800 to $3,200 a year
  • Increases in healthcare premiums paid by employees, and
  • The right to change the terms of employee healthcare benefits arbitrarily

If accepted the Company’s proposal effectively gives JBS the right to increase costs to employees and reduce benefits without talking to the Union.

In addition the Company demands include subcontracting out some Union jobs and a meager pay raise of 20 cents.

Local 7 President, Kim Cordova referred to company-proposed healthcare cuts as “unconscionable for Local 7 Members who work in grueling and often dangerous working conditions.”  She added asking workers to take reductions in their healthcare benefits is a slap in the face for workers who have generated record-breaking profits for this Brazilian-based Company.

JBS posted a record-breaking 64% increase in earnings for the quarter.

Union representatives expressed hope that JBS would return to the bargaining table with more reasonable proposals as a strike over healthcare benefits looms.