Somerville Retail Services - 4th April 2012

Some Progress on Members Issues
The AMIEU has been working hard on behalf of members and spending a lot of time in recent months investigating complaints and dealing with day to day issues arising at SRS. Some cases where penalty rates and public holiday rates were found not to have been applied correctly have been fixed. 

Meat Industry Award 2010
Currently workers employed at Somerville Retail Services are covered by the Meat Industry Award 2010. The rates contained in this Award are the lowest possible base rates legally payable and the conditions in the Award are the barest minimum working conditions allowed for meat workers in Australia. 

United Workers Can Achieve Better Conditions
The Union believes members at SRS are entitled to better pay and conditions than the Award allows. Members in other meat works and retail outlets covered by their own workplace Agreements negotiated with their employers with the help of the Union enjoy far better pay and conditions than those in the Meat Industry Award.

Negotiations for a Workplace Agreement
We think it is time the Company was forced to sit down and negotiate with us for a new workplace Agreement for employees at SRS. For this to happen we need at least half of the workers at SRS to be members of the Union and for those members to be united in their support for the Union to push for negotiations on their behalf. The more members we have in the workplace, and the more united and determined those members are to improve their working conditions, the better the Agreement will be for workers at the end of negotiations.

Union Membership
I have enclosed an AMIEU membership form with this newsletter. If you have friends who have not yet joined, please help them understand how important they are for the Union to achieve their plans to make SRS a better place to work, and encourage them to join you as Union members in our fight for a workplace Agreement with better pay, conditions and job security.

Thanks to Delegates
Our thanks go to our SRS Union delegates Antony Morris, Shahim Mathaiz and Jennifer Skipper for their work in helping AMIEU members on the job.  We also encourage anyone on the afternoon shift who wishes to become involved in helping their fellow workers as a Union delegate to contact Jarrod Jones at the AMIEU office or on his mobile phone.

Organiser AMIEU Vic Branch
0417 593410