Saskatchewan Bill 85 turns clock back 75 years

Examples of changes, which will occur under the Saskatchewan Employment Act, are:

  • For all intents and purposes, weekends will become non-existent.
  • Lunch breaks will be provided only where the employer deems it reasonable, the 8-hour day/40-hour workweek will become a thing of the past as responsibility for administering the workweek shifts from legislation to the discretion of employers.
  • The proposed SEA places individual workers and supervisors in the front line to shoulder responsibility for workplace safety, as they may be held personally responsible and fined for incidents.  Workers can be fined for more infractions than employers are held responsible.
  • Supervisors will be barred from belonging to the same bargaining unit of employees that they supervise which will lead to increased costs for employers and the public as an automatic duplication of collective bargaining and administration will be required.
  • Increased classes of employees will be barred from belonging to a union and removed from the union to which they currently belong.
  • There is significant risk to the current stable labour relations climate, as the forced fragmentation of bargaining units will create instability and uncertainty for employees and employers alike.