Rally 23 October 2018

The AMIEU urges members to come to the rally/protest on Tuesday, October 23, which will focus on better wages and job security for workers.

The route will start from Trades Hall in Carlton down Swanston St to Federation Square.

Every worker deserves a decent, living wage, no matter what job we do or our nationality, race, religion or gender.

But today, big business and the national government force down our wages, privatise our essential services, cut funding to our schools and hospitals, and let our infrastructure fall behind; all while helping themselves to tax breaks and perks.

Then they blame poor families and new immigrants for our problems.

We must fight back, unite together as workers from every background to win a fairer share for working people.

United we stand
Divided we fall

Are you in?

Come to the Rally

Date: Tuesday 23rd October 2018
Times: 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Meet at the AMIEU
62 Lygon Street
Carlton South