Pacific Islanders - Seasonal Workers in Meat

With funding of the Department of Agriculture the AMIEU has established a seasonal workforce support program.

We recognise that work in meatworks and associated workplaces has always been physically hard, dangerous and skilful.

The AMIEU’s project objectives are to ensure that the seasonal workers from the Pacific Islands who work in the meat industry are able to return from Australia without injuries and in a good state of health. In order to achieve this the seasonal workers need to understand the health and safety risks and controls of the industry and know their rights with regards health and safety and workers compensation.

We propose to partner with Pacific Island community leaders to inform and develop the project together. We will focus on rights of workers, health and safety and how to seek help if injured or made ill at work.

Daniel Gili has taken on the position of part time Project Officer to reach out to the seasonal workers. Daniel is our Vice President and has been a key delegate and health and safety representative for many years. In 2018 he was recognised by WorkSafe Victoria as Health and Safety Representative of the year.

Daniel has been appointed to this project for the remainder of 2021.