UPDATE: Coles Meat Department Restructure

Coles Meat Department Restructure

Coles Meat Workers Under Attack

2021 minimum wage pay rise

Important Message to All Frewstal Members - Frew Foods International Agreement

Union Dues from 1 July 2021

‘These people are properties’

Live export cattle prices rising into unchartered territory

Urgent Message COVID-19 October 24, 2020

COVID-19 should be a proclaimed disease

JBS Brooklyn Pandemic Leave

What is happening in the meat industry with the Victorian 'State of Disaster'

Diamond Valley Pork - Update 3 August 2020


ATTENTION: Members at JBS and COVID-19

Attention: Somerville Retail Services who have contracted COVID-19

Ventilation essential in control COVID-19

COVID-19 Cedar Meats

Details on JobKeeper

All workers should be able to get real support

Tell Federal Government - Don't discriminate

Frequently Asked Legal Questions - COVID 19

Working in Heat

Health & Safety Representatives' Conference 2019

Equal Pay for Women Decision 1969

Woolworths National Update October 2018

Casual Conversion to Permanent

Elections for Casual Vacancies

ACTU Congress calls Ban Live Exports

Coles & Woolworths Enterprise Agreement Updates

Three Victorian fatalities from livestock

Health & Safety Reps Conference 2017

Bargaining system is broken: Murdoch University kicks workers off their agreement

Ensuring Integrity Bill 2017

Government ensures PaTH to poverty for young people with new retail deal

Coles admits much of its workforce underpaid after SDA deals

Minimum wage decision shows the rules are broken

OHS discrimination clauses clarified by appeals court

Attention: AMIEU Members - JBS Cobram

We want to work - the Tabro workers' voice

First they came for the retail workers, and I did not speak out — because I did not work in retail

Fair Work Ombudsman Finally Acknowledges Overwhelming Evidence of Backpacker Exploitation

One worker diagnosed with diesel-fume related lung cancer every three days - October 2016

Abbott proposal on welfare rules would be worst case scenario

Health officials investigate Q fever outbreak in Melbourne's west

Coles knew more than half its workers were underpaid

Govt has "no mandate" for IR changes

Cullinan versus SDA

Endemic animal cruelty in live export trade reveals safety issues

Workers' Victory - Coles’ Unfair Agreement Pronounced Dead

Coles refuses to give undertaking despite Fair Work ruling

Workers exploited under China Australia Free Trade Agreement

Bad deal gets the boot: Fair Work Commission slams Coles/SDA dodgy deal

Thanks Josh

Some worrying ship data

Coles underpaid workers and cut penalty rates: tribunal

The future of Australian meat work under Turnbull: An American Nightmare

McDonald's pay deal: dirty little secret of the penalty rates debate

Budget a dismal failure for workers, education, hospitals and job creation

Serious head injury leads to WorkCover prosecuting Midfield Meat International

Employer "failed miserably" to protect migrant worker

Tabro workers very angry

Warning to make safety a priority as fatality count climbs

Meat employer cops substantial penalty over 'severe' RoE breach

Shop worker who shook the industrial relations world

Liberal Government loses this battle

Push to give Equal Opportunity Commission more powers to stop discrimination - Victoria

Worker crushed at Midfield Meat

Watchdog steps in over Coles' 'low pay' deal with union

Frewstal fined $250,000 over livestock driver’s death

International Day of Mourning

Pressure from big business may be behind the proposed gutting of Comcare

Expanded Comcare would disadvantage injured workers

March 8 - International Women's Day

Push for new workplace rights on pregnancy discrimination and domestic violence

Time to take genuine action for working women

Victorian WorkCover Authority Prosecutions

Victorians rejected Liberals' attacks on workers' standards

Bullying claim upheld (Qld)

Vale: Laurie Burley a Colossus of Union Organising

Support Ararat Abattoir Workers' Protected Action

Lateline exposes more cruelty with live exports

James Hardie trying to shirk responsibility for the deaths of asbestos victims

Workers walk out

The community rallies against the budget 6 July 2014

Tabro Meats OHS fines now over $455,000

Stop the attacks on universal health care

EBA negotiations : JBS Beef City Update

International Refugee Day 2014

Melbourne shut down

Bust the Budget Rally - 12 June 2014

Tony Abbott - Best Budget Ever

Hunter Valley abattoir worker charged over alleged sexual harassment after union complaints

Minimum Wage Increase too little

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Liberal government attacks the sick

Government's Vicious Budget Attacks Workers

See 'the story of the minimum wage in australia' by Sam Wallman

Abetz must honour commitment to Asbestos Council

May Day 2014

International Day of Mourning

Butchers Picnic Footscray - 4 May 2014

Employer discrimination shame revealed in new survey

Vale Wally Curran OAM ... continued

Meatworker seriously injured after pressure cooker explosion

Primo reinstates supervisor accused of sexual harassment

Workers evacuated after ammonia leak at JBS Brooklyn

Equality now! International Women's Day 2014

Workers under attack Down Under

How to claim Dad and Partner Pay

IWD for more than 100 years - but still not equality

We Are Union Campaign Launch with Bill Bragg

Unions call for an increase in the minimum wage

Expressions of Interest in the position of Organiser for the AMIEU Vic Branch

Stop Abbott/Abetz attack on penalty rates

Liberal Government back to old habits with the return of Individual Contracts

Local job losses mount as Abbott turns his back on workers

30 hurt in chemical spill at Ingham's chicken factory at Murarrie

Defend the right to protest - defend the right to picket

Another 32,000 jobs gone. What are you doing about it Mr Abbott?

Local workers' needs - not Primo GREED

Refugees' Rights

Live exports under fire for abuse of Australian cattle in Gaza

Productivity Commission cracks the whip on older workers

Low paid women to lose the most from dumping of superannuation rebate

Racist abuse condoned at work if law is repealed

Workers urged to speak up about pregnancy discrimination

Industrial action hits Greenham 25 October 2013

Abbott Government reveals its agenda – less tax for big miners, less super for ordinary workers

Politics before worker’s savings? Government attack on industry super funds needs scrutiny

No stop work at SRS 13 September 2013

New owner for CRF

10 reasons NOT to join a union

ACTU reminds new government that they said that ‘no worker will be worse off’

Australia’s Corporate Employers have an itchy trigger finger…and can’t stop talking!

Power to the bosses: business preparing for IR shake-up as Abbott promises change

Tony Abbott's quotes

ACTU analyses major parties policies - Coalition is worse for women and families

Abigroup Contempt Charges Dismissed

Jobs, rights, fairness at stake for working people this election

Cloud hangs over future of super under Coalition

Life on edge as new divide ignored

Workchoices resurrected? Coalition have all but confirmed the worst for workers

MUA Submission for a National Stevedoring Code of Practice

ACTU calls for urgent action against unreasonable employers

Live Export

TPG buys Inghams with $880m bid

WorkSafe Alert - rotating knocking box

International Womens Day March 8

Tabro fined $380,000

Bob Carnegie faces Court February 2013

Mildura laundry owner fined $50,000 for bullying workers

Meatworks guilty over worker's death

Time to shame nations which support the asbestos trade

ACTU summit to examine bosses increasing interference in workers’ doctor visits

Pay Justice Action submission on penalty rates

Partners' Access to Parental leave

Bosses intruding on workers' doctor visits

Insecure work is a health and safety risk to workers

Inghams Enterprises prepares for sale

Dads and partners now have legal right to ask for time off work when a new baby arrives

Minimum wage decision will widen the gap between the low-paid and the rest of workforce

Lives on Hold

Equal pay in your lifetime?

Are you feeling insecure?

Fair Work Decision - One Small Step in Closing Gender Pay Gap

AMIEU Officials retire

Unions welcome commitment from Labor to eradicate asbestos and restore workers' rights in Fiji

Unions launch new inquiry into insecure work

Livestock Export

Survey hints at reason for rising work-related stress claims

Gurindji strike against NT Intervention

Women pay the price for baby leave

ACCC will not oppose Teys Bros and Cargill Beef proposed merger

Paid Parental Leave goes up with the Minimum Wage

4 Years too long - Stop the Intervention

Fact Sheet: Were the MLA and LiveCorp Aware of the Horrific Slaughtering Practices in Indonesia Prior to June 2011?

All things being equal

Live Exports to 3 Abattoirs in Indonesia suspended

Recognising commitment to the Union

Which way to the lunchroom?

(Not so) Fair Work Australia

One step closer to equal pay for equal work after landmark test case ruling

Vale Tom Hannan

International Women's Day

Climate Change and Jobs Petition

Parental leave work place entitlement protected after Coalition’s attempt at sabotage was rejected

Liberals ramp up their campaign to reintroduce WorkChoices

Butchers' Picnic - 19 January 2011

Western Australia Stolen Wages

Coles supermarkets expands stall-free pork efforts

Shorter working week key to happiness and jobs

JBS confirms completion of Aussie beef firm acquisition, price tag

Billionaires Views of Abbott

World’s first butchers go back 3.4 million years

Invitation to the launch of "Femininist" magazine

Australian Meat Processor Corporation accused of fraud and corruption

Meatworkers rally around besieged horse butcher

Paid Parental Leave July 2010

Workers' Rights on Trial

The new Mining Tax

Minimum Wage Decision - $26 a Week Pay Rise Welcomed by Unions

AMIEU calls on politicians to show compassion to refugees

Stop attacking refugees

Liberals want to bring back WorkChoices by another name

JBS to buy Rockdale Beef of Australia

Unions support: employers slam industrial umpire's decision

Meat workers face axe as company halts production

Unions push case for increase to the minimum wage

JBS acquires Australian lamb processor

Qld Unions challenge government on Stolen Wages


Unions demand humane treatment of asylum seekers

Union Fights and Wins

EPA can and will prosecute - warning to company directors and managers

WA meatworkers' union defends workers from overseas

Stolen Wages

Ark Tribe Faces Jail

National OHS Laws Update

National Party Rejects Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme

Union Busting Companies

Workplace Ministers give Go-ahead for national work safety laws

Unions want 'second wave' industry reforms

Swine Flu

Free Lex Wotton

Delegates Meet on OHS Laws

ACTU comments on Fair Work Act

Occupational Health & Safety Under Threat

8 March - International Women’s Day

When is Rudd going to give Paid Maternity Leave

457 visa holders twice as likely to die at work

If you don't have effective worker & union input you have serious health-& safety problems

Clarke and Dawe explain the financial crisis

ACTU Comment on Economic Downturn

Fair Work Australia Bill - An analysis by Craig Buckley, AMIEU Federal Office

Forward to Fairness

The AMIEU welcomes new members from all over the world