Michael Oravec Resigns

To the AMIEU Committee of Management,

As you obviously know, Don Smallgoods has now relocated from Altona North to Castlemaine, and as a result I find myself unemployed for the first time in 33 years.  I am loving all the extra free time!  My son has taught me how to use Facebook, so that keeps me occupied sometimes.  But otherwise, I'm running around the house keeping myself occupied doing things which need to be done.  But also being smart about keeping out of my wife's way when she's working around the house too.

For over twenty years I was the elected union delegate at Don's.  Over that time, I've experienced a lot of changes, both at Don's and the Union.  Owners have changed 3 times, Management changed almost every year.  Each tried to force on us their new systems and cost cuttings, which usually meant a raw deal for their employees.  But every new mob that came along had to learn to respect their workers and value them.  And that could only have happened with the help and support of a very strong and respectable union, and my shop committee.

Over the last twenty-odd years that I was a shop steward, I hope I did enough to make a difference in the working lives of the members I represented, and I hope I contributed something to make the Victorian Branch of the AMIEU a little stronger.  I always believed in and still believe in the value of the Union Movement, and to how important it is in people's everyday lives.  Now more than ever.  A union membership is the best insurance a worker can have.

Thank you to all for your support and friendship over the years - to all the office staff and members of the committee, both current and past.

A special thank you to Graham Bird who I worked closely with, for assisting me and helping me out over the years.  Enjoy your retirement for many years to come, comrade.

And to all my other comrades in the committee, always remember, get stuck into them, always fight for your rights and also for what is right, and don't give up.

Goodbye and good luck.


Michael Oravec.