Let's Work Together Video Released By TUC Ahead Of 30 November Day Of Action

The TUC has released "Let's Work Together", their cheery upbeat campaign song ahead of the strikes on the 30th of November. Next week will see up to three million people taking industrial action in protest at government cuts to public sector pensions. The song is a cover of the Canned Heat classic and was performed by an impromptu band called The Workers.

According to the TUC, The Workers include a probation officer from York, a mother and daughter midwife pair from London, a reception teacher from Hove and a physiotherapist from Nottingham. The song was recorded in Chiswick, West London, on a "cold rainy day in October."

Despite only recently forming, they describe themselves as Britain's "hardest working band".

The TUC is hoping the song will do well in the charts this weekend ahead of next week's "Day of Action". All of the largest unions have voted to go on strike, which will see thousands of schools closed and likely disruption to public services across the UK.