Lateline exposes more cruelty with live exports

In October 2013, the RSPCA told you of the horrific slaughter of Australian cattle in Gaza, where terrified bulls were being roped, dragged, stabbed and beaten in the streets during the annual Festival of Sacrifice. Shockingly, and despite an ongoing government investigation, evidence that Australian animals continue to be subjected to the same brutality has now emerged. On 22 October 2014 ABC’s Lateline has aired more footage which showed Australian bulls suffering the same tortuous fate.

Things to consider:

  • The live export trade puts Australian animals at risk of cruel treatment and inhumane slaughter without stunning
  • Slaughtering animals here means it is done to Australian standards and animals are unconscious before slaughter
  • Exporting animals live means they must endure long and arduous sea voyages before reaching their destination – many thousands of animals have died during these trips
  • The meat trade is worth nine times more than live exports
  • 93% of Australian animals are already slaughtered here, with more support for meat exports we could make that 100%
  • The live export industry has proven it can’t be trusted by allowing the same brutality that happened in Gaza in 2013 to happen again this year.