K R Castlemaine - 20 February 2008

20 February 2008

Sale of KR Castlemaine

As employees will be aware, KR Castlemaine has signed a contract to sell the business to George Weston Foods, subject to approval by the regulatory bodies who will assess the sale over the coming months.

What Does This Mean for KR Employees?

The Union will be seeking further talks with George Weston to discuss the impact of the sale on both the KR Castlemaine plant and the Don plant at Altona. 

The Union believes the sale will have a positive effect for the Castlemaine plant and its employees and we will keep you informed of ongoing discussions with GeorgeWeston.

Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations

Negotiations are continuing with the Skills Matrix being developed.  This involves every job on the plant being assessed, given a job description and assigned to one of six skill levels that will apply to all positions.

It is a very involved process and the Union and the Company and the Working Party are currently working through this process.
What Applies at George Weston’s Plant in Altona

Our members at KR Castlemaine have been asking what conditions apply at George Weston’s Altona Plant. 

The Union has an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement at Altona which expires in November 2008.  The current rates of pay are:
Level 1    $663.32 pw 
Level 2    $709.30 pw
Level 3    $718.10 pw
Level 4    $728.60 pw
Level 5    $749.70 pw
Level 6    $771.40 pw
Level 7    $857.40 pw

The Level 1 rate applies for the first three months employment.
These rates do not include shift allowances or other penalties which may be applicable.

Our members are asking why they shouldn’t have the same wages and conditions that are paid at George Weston’s other plant in Victoria. 

These and other issues will be part of the ongoing negotiations for an EBA at KR Castlemaine.

Union Membership

Strong Union membership is the way to ensure you receive proper wages and conditions at your plant.
Some of the services offered by the Union include:

  • negotiating wages and conditions;
  • representation in WorkCover disputes;
  • assistance and representation in unfair dismissals, occupational health and safety issues or other matters relating to your employment
  • a free Will referral service for members;
  • legal assistance where necessary.

Union membership is the cheapest insurance you will get, and Union dues are tax deductible.

Membership forms can be obtained from your Delegates Kevin Earl, Karyn Gartside and Tania Newsome, or by contacting your Area Organiser Jim Brittain on 0417 590889.

Union dues are paid by direct debit from your account.  The Company does not deduct Union dues from your wages.

Jim Brittain
Area Organiser