International News

COVID-19 in the Meat Industry in Canada

UFCW on proposal to Eliminate Line Speed Limits at Pork Plants

Until victory

Asbestos Blocked for 6th Time from Hazardous Substances List

Scandal in Brazil meat sector; China, EU, South Korea suspend imports

New Zealand Meat Workers Union reaches agreement with Talleys/AFFCO

Spanish IUF affiliates fight bogus self employment

U.S. Refugee and Migrant policies will impact meat sector

European meat conference in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Workers’ Health and safety in slaughterhouses USA

Court lays murder charges in Rana Plaza disaster May 2016

Talleys/AFFCO are trying to eradicate unionism - again

Talleys/AFFCO lockout lifted by court order, rights abuses continue

Schwan’s faces $172,000 in OSHA fines for 3 serious injuries in 3 months!

OSHA regs, injuries in the spotlight

Workplace slaughter and rights abuses continue at Talleys/AFFCO

Host employer and labour hire responsible for OHS in California

Cargill workers vote to strike - Canada

Talley's workers will need you again in 2016

IUF International Meat Conference October 2015

Five ill after ammonia leaks again at Ghaziabad meat factory - India

Charge over hook in worker's head

Talley's pays worker $6000 over unsafe workplace NZ

Meat worker gets over $10k compensation NZ

Stand with Bertie

Shop worker's hand amputated after it got stuck in meat mincer UK

Argentine, Brazilian unions and governments agree to work together to promote union rights in the meat sector

20 workers unconscious from exposure to ammonia

Walmart workers stand up for their rights USA

World’s Lowest Wage Workers Commence Hunger Strike

Sick consumers and injured workers: the price of cheap chicken

JBS, union reach tentative agreement to avert strike - USA

JBS workers in Greeley vote to strike - USA

OSHA fines Acadian Fine Foods $122K

Ammonia leak at Smithfield Tar Heel USA

Warning issued over threat to meat inspections UK

Death at JBS beef plant in USA being investigated

Meat producer pours manure on striking workers' sit in area (Turkey)

No to trade deals that threaten democracy

JBS Slaughterhouse Workers Authorize Strike USA

May Day 2014

Improve Health and Safety - April 28, 2014

Guelph’s Cargill pleads guilty in workplace mishap

UFCW calls for safety first in poultry industry changes

Inter-American Human Rights Commission hears from meat and poultry workers about abuses

Death at Louis Rich plant in South Carolina

Cargill beef plant running again, 8 days after ammonia leak, fire

Ammonia leak, fire shut down beef processing plant in eastern Nebraska

Worker injured at Maple Leaf Foods plant

Investigation is underway after an accident at Tyson Food

Man critically ill after meatworks accident NZ

Agreement reached on minimum wage for German meat industry

Cargill pay $2.2 million to settle charges of discrimination USA

Cargill - Ammonia Leak - 10 January 2014

OSHA - Prevent Musculoskeletal Injuries in Poultry

Worker's Arm Cut Off in Meat Cutting Accident

OSHA cites Tyson Foods

Worker killed in Utah meatpacking incident

Strike Looming at JBS Beef Plant

Breakthrough in Germany in the struggle against wage dumping

Smithfield unit to pay $5.8 million to settle donning-doffing case USA

German Food Workers fighting to end meat industry abuses

In-house meat inspection puts meat industry risk - New Zealand

Dhaka - over 1000 garment workers are killed for profit

Hefty fines handed down in turkey workers’ case

San Francisco - CEO guilty of manslaughter in worker's death

Our Labor Allies Need Our Help!

Pilgrim’s Pride Poultry Workers Fight for Industry Changes

Saskatchewan Bill 85 turns clock back 75 years

"We need to eradicate Asbestos for good", say EURO MPs

USA the meat industry in jails

The horse meat scandal: strengthen labour standards to secure food safety

The war against immigrants

Christmas is coming and Vion creates massive uncertainty UK

OSHA fines Cargill Meat Solutions

Illinois Man's Arm Pulled From Supermarket Meat Grinder

The Triangular Trap

Organize, Fight and Win - IUF Action Program for Equality

Employment tribunal fees a disgrace says TUC

Historic Meat Factory Goes Up In Flames USA

New Zealand: Major win for locked-out Talley's/AFFCO workers!

Protesters target Talleys

New Zealand meat workers lockout enters eighth week

200 more workers face Easter lockout

Lockout continues at Talley’s/AFFCO while NZMWU plans more strikes

200 more workers locked out at Te Puke

Affco workers on strike after lock out of 776

Affco Lock Out Meatworkers Indefinitely NZ

Unite Meatworkers To Take Strike Action At Vion Foods UK

Union reps improve safety and save employers money: TUC UK

Locked-out New Zealand meat workers back on the job!

New Zealand Meat Workers need international support

New Zealand lamb producer CMP ANZCO locks out 111 workers

Let's Work Together Video Released By TUC Ahead Of 30 November Day Of Action

Workers wage lawsuit against Creekstone Farms USA

New Zealand lamb producer CMP ANZCO locks out 111 workers

MTUC Organizes National Action Against New Labour Amendments

Farmland Food Workers Say UFCW Yes!

UFCW legal victory wins back payment for thousands of Tyson poultry workers

Tyson Fresh Meats to pay $2.25 million to settle sex discrimination cases with US Labor Department

Wal-Mart and Women: Skeptics Question New Initiative

JBS, other processors in Campo Grande faceoff with labor union

All for 10 pounds life is cheap and costly

Workers ask "which side are you on" Athens 28/9 June 2011

JBS SA posts net loss in second quarter

Unions - fighting for justice for workers

JBS SA in midst of numerous layoffs at deboning, tannery facilities

Fijian regime must cease harassment of unions and respect human rights

Working Women's Centre Timor-Leste

TUC releases case studies of women unionists around the world

The attack on workers and unions: A slide show for fighting back - New York USA

Send protest to the Canadian government on Canada Day, 1 July

U.S. sues Smithfield Foods unit for discrimination

ILO adopts Domestic Workers Convention

Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the union maid

Global economic crisis opens up new space for discrimination at work, ILO says

Mr. Walmart, who do you think you are?

Unison Survey of Meat Inspectors UK

JBS, World’s Largest Beef Producer, Responds to Lawsuit

Brazil issues $1.2 billion in fines on beef companies

Ship breaking in Pakistan

Workers Including Migrant Workers Targeted in Bahrain

International Women’s Day: New Report Shows Second Wave of Global Crisis Hurting Women

JBS plant ratifies union contract USA

New Zealand Meatworkers had their pay docked for two-minutes silence for Pike River Mine disaster

Long Struggle Ends in Victory for Ukraine Belkozin Workers

Trade Unions World Day for Decent Work

JBS workers organize at beef plant USA

JBS, other Brazilian meatpackers ban cattle ranches following Greenpeace report

Meat workers deny sick leave rort

Coca-Cola Karachi union protests against "Open Misery" of Coca-Cola Multan workers

ITUC Congress on Migrant Rights

Union Membership Issues at Smithfield - Again

U.S. Attorney outlines evidence revealed during Rubashkin trial

USA Mott's Workers Take Stand Against Corporate Greed

Former Agriprocessors supervisor testifies Rubashkin knew of child labor USA

Iran: Execution of a Trade Unionist

JBS, union workers agree to new contract- USA

UK Equality and Human Rights Commission uncovers mistreatment and exploitation of migrant and agency workers in the meat process

IUF Tells UN Precarious Work is Undermining Human Rights!

International Women's Day 2010 - Rights and Recognition for Domestic Workers

Robin Hood Tax Campaign

Workers in India, including children, will die young grinding gemstones for Valentine's Day

Italian Meat Workers at JBS jointly-owned company Inalca Vote to Strike

USA EPA clears way to regulate greenhouse gas emissions

Lipton Workers at Khanewal Win Permanency

The Speed Kills You

Nespressure: the bitter taste for Nescafe workers at Nestlé Indonesia

Smithfield Tar Heel Agreement

An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Ban Asbestos

Adding Insecurity to Life

Support the Korean Migrants Trade Union

USA - Worker safety advocate named to head fed OSHA

European Union New Food Regulations

UK UNISON welcomes meat industry report

Casualisation - Control

American & Italian Meat Workers Build Links

Strikes in France 30.01.09

British Unionist Fights Fascism

Background on Tar Heel Unionisation

International Unionism - the Advantage for Workers

Smithfield Packing Workers at Tar Heel Choose Unionism

UK - Look at the Tesco Meat Label

Swift Workers in Hyrum (Utah USA) Unionise

German Meatworkers' Strike

Brazilian Poultry Workers' Declaration

UK Meat Inspectors - Strike Action

USA Time for Change

Workers Protest Conditions in Iowa

IUF Global Meat Conference