Important Information for AMIEU Members at SRS

Important information regarding EBA negotiations with SRS and the A.M.I.E.U.

As you would be aware the AMIEU has been working hard to secure a union agreement on your behalf at Somerville Retail Services which will improve your working conditions and rates of pay.

The AMIEU drafted an agreement to start the negotiations. Although SRS have agreed to some of the clauses contained in the draft agreement, there are a lot that SRS have either struck out or wish to negotiate. The AMIEU is attempting to discuss these matters with the Company, but feel that SRS are now deliberately dragging their feet trying to stretch these negotiations out. We requested a meeting in mid-January on their return from holidays but have had no response.

The Union has received numerous enquires from members at SRS wanting to take action to speed up negotiations. In order for workers to undertake any legal form of industrial action we need to apply to the Fair Work Commission for an order for a protected action ballot. Once the order is made, the Electoral Commission will come out to your workplace to hold an election to determine whether a majority of members want to take part in industrial action. The ballot will include alternative forms of action to be taken and members can vote for all of these to keep their options open. A representative of the AMIEU will be present during the ballot to scrutinise the process and make sure there is no pressure applied to our members from management.

Only Union members can legally take protected industrial action so if you have any work mates who are not members you should explain to them that if they want to do something to improve their pay and working conditions now is the time to unite. Join the Union.

I have enclosed a leaflet on protected action ballots to explain the process further. If you have any questions ask your delegates on the job.  If the delegates cannot assist you I am happy to take your phone calls.

Afternoon Shift Assistant Delegate Position
There is currently a position vacant for an assistant delegate on the afternoon shift. Anybody interested should contact Jarrod Jones to organise an election.


In solidarity,
Jarrod Jones