Herd's EBA Negotiations

26th February 2010

The union opened negotiations on the new EBA, putting to the company a three year agreement with 5% pay rise for each year of the agreement; and a number of other matters that had been raised at a general meeting and endorsed by the general meeting.

The company described that as irresponsible.

The company responded asking for:

  • Time work for all new labourers; and
  • A new grading and pay structure for all new employees and
  • No meat money for new employees and
  • A grandfather clause to cover current employees; and
  • Proposed no pay increase till September with a 1% increase for each year of the three year agreement.

After our general meeting which rejected the company's proposal, further discussions have been held with delegates, the company and the union.

The company have asked us to put the following proposal to you:

  • A three-year agreement.
  • No changes to current conditions.
  • A 1% increase for each year of the agreement.
  • The union to have discussions with the company during the three-year period about reforms to the next EBA.

The company have stated that they will have no future without reform.

For further detail contact: Jim Brittain
                                    Phone: 0417590889
                                    Barrie Chalkley
                                    Phone: 0412119552

A general meeting will be held this Thursday at 12 o'clock to discuss the company’s offer.