Guelph’s Cargill pleads guilty in workplace mishap (Canada)

GUELPH – Large food processor Cargill Limited was fined $40,000 in Guelph Ontario Court Thursday after a worker suffered a broken finger.

The court also imposed a victim fine surcharge of 25 per cent under the provincial offences act.

The incident occurred July 5, 2012 while the worker was setting up a production line at the firm's meat processing plant on Watson Parkway South.

The worker, whose gender wasn't released in an Ontario government bulletin, was repairing a conveyor belt that hadn't been locked out or otherwise disabled when another worker pressed the "start" button. The movement of the belt drew the initial worker's hand into a sprocket, requiring "a significant number of stitches."

Cargill's guilty plea was for failing to provide "information, instruction and supervision" protecting the worker, contravening the province's health and safety act. The injured worker, according to the release, hadn't received training on how to lock out the production line conveyor belt.