Greenham Sites

Negotiations for an Agreement at Greenham's Sites

Now is the time to join the Union:

Your Employer H.W. Greenham & Sons Meat Exporters wants to negotiate an Agreement to cover wages and conditions at both his Tongala (Victoria) and Smithon (Tasmania) sites.

Now is the best time to join with the AMIEU members in Tasmania and by joining the Union nominate us as your bargaining agent. This is your best chance of securing wage increases and decent conditions into the future.

Some benefits of being an AMIEU member at the Smithon site in Tasmania have been:-  

  1. Greenhams have made tens of thousands of dollars in repayments to workers not paid the incentive payment, whilst workers were totally incapacitated on Workcover.
  2. Victory with six unfair dismissal claims after Greenhams made them redundant.
  3. Members in Tasmania are pursuing that the incentive box bonus payment be included in their ordinary hourly rate, this can equate to $300.00 a week plus increase the amount of money being paid into your Superannuation

You, the workers at the Tongala plant should pursue this also.

I look forward to you joining the Union and nominating us as your bargaining agent.