Expressions of Interest – Retail Delegates - September 2013

With the ever changing nature of the retail industry, we feel that it is important more now than ever to expand our retail delegates to include all areas of Victoria.

Union Delegates play an important role within the Union, as they are the eyes and ears in stores, and are often aware of potential issues before the Union organisers are.  Delegates are also able to answer questions from members in store as well as promote the Union in a positive light and be able to recruit new members into the Union.

As you would be aware the AMIEU prides itself on providing outstanding service to its members, and we believe that having area Retail Union Delegates will only compliment this level of service to our members.

We are seeking expressions of interest from our members to become Area Retail Union Delegates.


  • Answering questions about membership, and work related matters from members.
  • To be able to act as a Union representative to members in meetings should they wish you to attend and the AMIEU organiser is not available.
  • Liaising with your union organiser on workplace matters.
  • Providing feedback & questions to the Union from members.
  • Recruiting new members to the Union, having conversations with fellow workers about the benefits of joining a Union.

This is a very important role as you would be the eyes and ears for the AMIEU at the store level. You would also be signing up any potential new members.

We would be looking for someone who has an outgoing personality, who can have conversations with others about the benefits and importance of union membership and is not afraid to stand up for fellow Members rights.


You will be provided training in how to read your EBA, Dispute Resolution, Negotiation Skills and an overview of the AMIEU organisation to help prepare you for the role as a delegate.

All our Delegates will have the Full support of the AMIEU in all work related issues. An election would be conducted to elect an area delegate if 2 or more nominations are received for an area.

Expressions of interest to be sent to the AMIEU office via reply paid envelope provided

September 2013