EBA Negotiations C.R.F.

5 April 2012


Following a meeting with both processing and further processing on Monday 30th January 2012, the Union submitted the following log of claims to CRF:

  1. 3 year agreement
  2. 4% pay rise for each year of the agreement
  3. Redundancy increased to 3  years for each year of service
  4. Discussion about training, job classifications and job descriptions
  5. Discussion on changing the process used to determine if there will be work on public holidays
  6. Issues relating to casuals including long service leave, portability and overtime.


The company has proposed the following:

  1. Changes to hours of work and rostering The company is seeking flexibility within the agreement to work employees on a 4-day roster over a 6-day period. The 6-day period would include Saturdays. Employees would work three Saturdays a month. Payment for work on Saturdays would be 150% (time and a half).  Employees could swap days with each other, as long as they had the required skills for the tasks. The company says the roster would apply for periods of high production requirements.
  2. 4 year agreement with a 3% pay rise for each year
  3. Butchers’ Picnic holiday to be moved and taken as a paid day off during Christmas shutdown or at another agreed time.
  4. Removal of grandfather clause relating to former Western District Meats employees. (This proposal has been rejected by former WDM employees)
  5. Removal of attendance bonus Instead of the attendance bonus, the company is proposing a one-off lump sum payment calculated on the basis of attendance.  This would be calculated on the basis of attendance bonus payments for individuals for the 2011/12 financial year x 2 (this is equal to two years worth of an individual’s attendance bonus payments)
  6. A one-off payment of $1000 for full-time employees and pro rata payment for all other employees, based on their average hours worked over the previous three months.


Union claim Company response
3 year agreement 4 year agreement
4% pay rise 3% + one-off payment
Redundancy increase Rejected
Training & job classifications Some changes agreed
Changing process to determine if work will take place on public holidays Agreed
Issues relating to casuals, including long service leave, portability and overtime Agreed

A General Meeting will be held within the next few days to discuss the company’s response to our log of claims, and the company’s log of claims.

Jim Brittain
Area Organiser AMIEU