AMIEU officials and delegates have had numerous meetings with senior management in an attempt to resolve the issue with bacon shifts finishing after midnight and only receiving 15% loading instead of the 30% night loading. Unfortunately we have been unable to reach a resolution which is acceptable to both parties.

The dispute resolution procedure has been exhausted.

We are currently in talks with our lawyers and will continue to pursue the matter on behalf of our members either in the Fair Work Commission or the industrial division of the Magistrate/Federal Court.

AMIEU Officials will be onsite to conduct meetings shortly with members who have been affected. We advise Union members who want us to continue to act on your behalf NOT to sign the settlement offer of compensation, which we believe to be ‘one week gross wage’, or ‘one week of additional annual leave’, to fully settle the matter as a one-of payment without talking to us first!

Please do not hesitate to call your Union Organiser if you want to discuss the matter further