Diamond Valley Pork - Update 3 August 2020

Following this recent site closure where 22 workers tested positive to COVID-19, DVP received the green light from DHHS to resume production this morning in the kill floor area only.

This decision was made prior to workers having their second COVID-19 test, which we understand is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

There have also been concerns raised in relation to the deep cleaning process being potentially jeopardised, by staff who reportedly remained on site throughout the closure.

This morning a meeting was held with workers to discuss these concerns, where the large majority of them refused to start work and advised the company that they would return to work once all second test results are known and they are confident that their health and safety is not in jeopardy!

This highly casualised workforce have not been paid during the closure and have still taken this stance!

The AMIEU strongly urge the Federal government to introduce paid pandemic leave for all workers!