Coles Worker's Advice

To the Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union,

As a Coles Employee and recently joined member of your Union I would like to to take the time to thank you and my Organiser Jason Piper for assisting me in overcoming recent grievances.

Having been with Coles for eight or nine years I had previously been a member of the SDA and quickly learnt through seeing first hand that there was a serious lack of fight and compassion for its members.
This however is certainly not the case with the AMIEU.

As this was my first real Grievance at work I was unsure of a lot of the processes and basic rights. I can honestly say after my first discussion with Jason I was at ease and I knew immediately i'd made the right choice in joining your Union.

To have a representative fight for you as if it were their own job on the line was amazing, not once did I feel like I couldn't speak to Jason about even the smallest of issues.

I'm proud to say i'm a member of the AMIEU and can only hope my experience can encourage others to join and have the representation they deserve.

Thanks again,