24 June 2011

The Coles AMIEU Agreement runs out in late August 2011.

It is to the credit of Coles that it has chosen to negotiate a separate Victorian Meat Room agreement with the AMIEU.

Coles has not followed Woolworths, which entered into a surreptitious agreement with the SDA which was designed to snatch away Woolworths Victorian meat room conditions and thus force meat room employees to the same level of subservience as the SDA has agreed for its own membership.
However because of the bastardry of the SDA and Woolworths deal, there will no doubt be a lot of pressure on the Coles negotiators.

These will be very important negotiations. It is essential that we have a very competent negotiating committee and a strong united workforce if we are to achieve a proper outcome for Coles Victorian meat room employees.

If you are interested in being a member of the negotiating committee contact your Union Organisers
Laurie Burley 0418 103627
or Collin Ross 0417 328854,
or the Union office
by 8th July 2011.