22 February 2012

To All Meat Room Employees

New Organizers Appointed

Following the recent retirement of Union Organizers Colin Ross and Laurie Burley, the AMIEU has appointed two new Retail Organizers, Sean Reilly and Michael Newman to look after members in Woolworths/Safeway stores in Victoria.

Sean Reilly            Michael Newman


Effective 12 January 2012 a new 3 year Meat agreement has been put in place across all Meat rooms in Coles Victoria. A big thank you should go out to those workers who participated as Union Delegates during these negotiations. Your dedication to informing your fellow workmates as to what was happening, and taking on board their suggestions and views to put to the company was invaluable in achieving a satisfactory outcome for all Meat workers.


Worker’s health & safety is a big issue, and ensuring that members are not put at risk is extremely important to the AMIEU.

That is why we encourage and promote the election of workers’ health and safety representatives (HSR) in all meat rooms in Victoria. HSR’s have the rights to raise all health and safety hazards faced by workers in the meat department and to demand that all steps are taken to remove risks. If the matters are not resolved reasonably quickly after being raised / discussed the HSR has the right to issue provisional improvement notices (PINs) to force action.

HSRs have a range of legal rights and powers to represent workers, find out more in attached newsletters.

Anyone wishing to seek more information or to become a HSR please contact the Union for assistance.

Any member who wants more information about electing HSRs (or becoming one) please contact Gwynnyth Evans - Health and Safety Officer, or Union Organisers Sean Reilly or Michael Newman for assistance.


The Retail organisers have both worked for Coles Supermarkets and have an understanding of the challenges that workers face in Supermarkets. Things like rostering, SDR hours, Meal breaks, Markdown and Waste procedures, SWP’s, Wages are all things the guys have experience with. Almost all concerns can be sorted out at store level.

Letting things slide time after time only adds to stress and anxiety and can make you sick. The most important thing is your health, therefore this needs to be prevented by addressing these issues first and we are available to talk to you, so that things don’t get to that point.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact Sean or Michael or Gwynnyth as we may be able to help answer questions and resolve matters quickly before you become frustrated and things get out of control.


Workers in the meat department who are not members of the AMIEU are in fact undermining your conditions by altering the membership percentages.  Those non-members who take the benefits won by those members who came before them will cause the loss of all conditions that we take for granted. We need to stay strong and bolster membership in order to secure a majority vote in future agreements. New Fair Work Australia legislation means workers across all departments in Coles can now join the AMIEU so long as you perform tasks attached to the Meat room. (E.g. running trolleys, facing cabinet, etc)


With the ever growing development of technology, we have decided it would a good idea to see if we could get together an Email contact list. The idea of the list would be to give the fastest access to our members in order to give updates or clarify things in the agreement that may arise from time to time. (e.g. Easter Sunday arrangements etc). We believe this to be the fastest, easiest way to communicate with members. If you don’t have Email, send through your mobile number and we can set up a SMS list.

If you would like to be part of the list please contact us here and give us your details 


When new workers start in the meat room they should be encouraged to become members of the Meat Workers Union so that your current conditions can be protected.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these matters, please contact your Union Organiser:

Michael Newman - 0418 103 627 - Western Victoria
email -

Sean Reilly - 0417 328 854 - Eastern Victoria
email -

Gwynnyth Evans - (03) 9662 3766 - WorkCover & OHS 
email -