Coles Meat Workers Under Attack

Dear Coles Members,

We have just received disappointing news from some of our members that Coles supermarkets have made a decision to make changes to how they operate, which include the elimination of the following positions

•    Meat Department Managers
•    Level 3 Butchers
•    Level 2 Skilled Non-Tradesperson
•    Level 1 Meat Team Members

Coles are starting a "consultation period" with affected team members starting from today (24/6/21) and throughout July & August.

During this period we strongly recommend that you let Coles know exactly how you feel about these proposed changes.

At the conclusion of the consultation period Coles will determine if the proposed changes will go ahead.

If the changes are approved the new meat operating model will take effect from 11 October 2021

We are very disappointed that Coles management did not consult with the AMIEU before they made this announcement.

As you know the AMIEU have been trying to get Coles to the negotiation table to bargain a new Meat Agreement and management have ignored these requests.

It is now abundantly clear why!


Paul Conway