Coles Meat Department Restructure

Dear Coles Meat Team Member

Last week Coles announced a proposed restructure of meat departments. This would mean:

  • All Coles supermarkets will move to the Retail Ready Meat model where meat products are delivered to the store pre-cut.
  • Coles will no longer employ Meat Team Members as part of their ordinary store team structure. This work may instead be performed by Supermarkets Team Members.
  • Meat Team Members will be offered redeployment under the Coles Supermarkets agreement with different rosters, pay rates, and conditions. If there are no suitable redeployment options, Meat Team Members may be made redundant.

The AMIEU was only advised about the restructure after our members had been notified by Coles. We have since written to Coles seeking much more detailed information about the restructure and an urgent meeting to raise our concerns.

The AMIEU is concerned this is a deliberate penny-pinching attack by Coles on hard-working and loyal Meat Team Members, attempting to move them onto a substandard enterprise agreement with lower wages and conditions.

The AMIEU will fight for our member’s wages, conditions, and job security. But we cannot do it alone – if you have not done so already, sign our Majority Support Determination petition to bargain for a better agreement and show you won’t be pushed around by Coles.

It is likely Coles will stop deduction of your union fees in the future. You should sign up for direct debit so you can control your own AMIEU membership deductions.

The AMIEU will keep you informed as more information comes to light.

In solidarity

Matthew Journeaux
Acting Federal Secretary
1 July 2021