Coles’ AMIEU Members Voted YES to Industrial Action

95% of the voters were in favour taking action to defend meatworkers’ wages and conditions at Coles.

This is despite the difficulties of the process to date:
On the 11th August 2014 the Victorian branch of the AMIEU applied to FWA to take protected strike action. Because of technicalities this had to be withdrawn

On 20th November the AMIEU Victorian Branch applied again for a protected action ballot order. This application was opposed by Coles. Usually the application is determined within 2 working days but this time the Commissioner did not give an order until 17 December 2014.

Then there had to be a vote by secret ballot organised by the Electoral Commission to see whether members wanted to take action. On 9 January the voting form had been sent out to AMIEU members. The voting for protected industrial action closed at 10.00am Friday 23 January 2015. Technicalities did mean that not everybody received the voting papers but most did.

Even though Coles wrote to AMIEU members trying to convince them that a grandfather clause was sufficient protection of their wages more than 95% understood better and voted for action. Members do want to fight to keep our conditions.

What is next?

This is being discussed now; talk to your Delegates and Organisers. Keep in touch with each other and with the Union office. Be prepared to take action.

We need to be able to communicate quickly with all Coles’ members. Make sure that we have your emails and mobile numbers so we can keep you in the loop. Lots of you already receive newsletters from us but if you have an email and don’t get mailchimp, send us your details (click on the chimpanzee) or ring the office on 03 9662 3766 and tell the admin staff your contact details.