Cargill beef plant running again, 8 days after ammonia leak, fire

Ammonia leak, fire shut down Cargill beef processing plant on 6 February 2014.

The Cargill beef plant in Schuyler resumed normal operations Friday 14 February, eight days after an ammonia leak and a fire stopped slaughtering and butchering operations.

Some operations had resumed on a limited basis this week, but full operations were delayed after water in the roof, frozen there during firefighting operations, began melting and dripping into the plant.

“Other Cargill beef plants provided our customers with products during the time Schuyler was not operating or was partially operating,” spokesman Mike Martin said. “We also had some inventory at Schuyler, which we drew from over the past week.”

Employees will work today, which they do as necessary to fill customer orders, Martin said.

The plant employs 2,100 people and processes 4,800 head of cattle a day.