Butchers' Picnic - 19 January 2011

We all remember that the Howard Government attacked workers' holidays for Industry Picnics.

Many of us were able to keep our entitlement to a Public Holiday on the third Wednesday in the year. Check out your EBA to see whether you have a Public Holiday for Butchers' Picnic.

Meat Room workers in both Coles and Woolworths kept the Butchers' Picnic in their EBAs so they have the Public Holiday.

It has come to our attention that Woolworths issued a Memo on 14 January proposing that the Meat Workers should not be paid the Public Holiday Penalty Rates (250%) if they have to work on Wednesday 19, but individuals should be able to request an alternative day off in the future.

This is an attack on Meat Workers at Woolworths' Butchers' Picnic Public Holiday.

It is yet one more attack on Meat Workers by Woolworths!