Brazilian Poultry Workers' Declaration

Atibaia Statement
Brazil is the world’s leading chicken exporter and it is the second largest producer. This sector employs more than 600 thousand people, of which 150 thousand suffer from Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) caused by the inhumane work pace. The appalling working conditions result in a high rate of personnel rotation, either because workers cannot endure the work pace or because they are not willing to stand it. These conditions of extreme exploitation have enabled the huge increase in production at a low cost, and the spectacular growth of the Brazilian poultry industry.
We, the workers of the entire poultry industry of Brazil, gathered here in Atibaia, Sao Paulo, declare:

  1. That this system of labor, which is being imposed on us by the companies, is totally unsustainable because of its inhumane nature, whose consequences for the health of workers are so severe and widespread that they have reached epidemic proportions.
  2.  In view of the fact that the numerous reports made by our organizations and the many actions carried out by them over the past several years have failed to bring about any changes, we have resolved to support the International Awareness-Raising and Denunciation Campaign  conducted by the CONTAC and the IUF, the goal of which is to radically change this situation towards achieving a system of production that takes the human factor into account.
  3.  We demand that the national government assume its responsibility in this matter and that it commit itself to participate in the urgent search for a satisfactory solution for the workers.

Atibaia, June 18, 2008