Bob Savine Retires May 2011

Bob Savine was a full time Organiser in the Victorian Branch since October 2003.

Prior to that he had worked in the meat industry for 35 years. His first 5 years were in Butcher Shops. His next 10 years were in meat rooms in Woolworths and Safeway. The next 10 years were with Coles and for 10 years after that he was in the meat rooms for BiLo. He has been a meat room manager for all three retail chains. Bob worked in Mildura for 4 years. For 5 years Bob was on the Committee of Management as a representative of members in BiLo stores. He was also elected as the workers' health and safety representative in the meat room in Croydon BiLo where he was actively pushing BiLo to eliminate risks for more than 6 years.

Bob was the AMIEU Organiser for meat rooms in the retail sector from Mildura to Echuca, Colac to Geelong and Bendigo with some in the western area. He was also the Organiser for workers in some of the smallgoods manufacturers.

He took on the challenge of being an Organiser, to meet and help workers in the industry and being part of the team.  Coming from the supermarkets he easily related to the day to day experience of the workers.

The support that Bob has provided to members has been greatly appreciated. He will be missed, we hope that he enjoys the next stage in his life.