ATTENTION: Woolworths Meat Workers

Woolworths Meat Transition – AMIEU says If Woolworths are talking to you about this individually – listen politely BUT DO NOT SIGN ANY NEW CONTRACTS

Woolworths called in the meat workers in the Victorian supermarkets on Tuesday 9 June to tell them about proposed restructuring before the end of 2015. This is apparently rolling out in some stores as soon as early July 2015.

The Director of Supermarket Operations Pat McEntee admits that their meat restructuring will require changes and ‘some existing roles will be discontinued.’

In other words, people are going to get fired. And there’s no guarantee that they’ll get jobs in the new or refurbished stores. Or in other parts of the operation.

It seems that by the end of the year there will only be a small number of stores (maybe 65) where meat is being cut. There are currently 245 stores. This suggests that 180 stores are going to be entirely ‘case ready’ and therefore many jobs in the meat rooms will disappear.

The AMIEU and our members have NOT been consulted about these changes. That is contrary to the Woolworths Supermarket Agreement.

We have asked many questions of Woolworths both nationally and in Victoria. These are questions such as:

  • There are meat workers already employed in Woolworths supermarkets. Why do they have to re-apply for the jobs that they already have?
  • On what basis could Woolworths claim that any modification of the current roles constitutes the creation of new roles within the meat units?
  • Are Woolworths offering entirely new contracts of employment for the current meat unit staff rather than their current contracts?
  • Will the entitlements of workers in Tasmania and Victoria under Schedule B of the current (and proposed) National Agreement be displaced as a consequence of the roll out? If so, on what basis?
  • If new contracts are intended, on what basis is Woolworths severing the existing contracts?

They have given no answers to our questions and we have lodged a dispute under the existing Agreement in the Fair Work Commission.

The AMIEU got the detail on this after workers were called in by Store Managers. We have already opposed them. We will continue to fight for your rights. Stand together and do not let them pick us off one by one.

To keep the rights that you have right now DO NOT SIGN ANY NEW CONTRACTS

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