Attention: Coles Members 14 June 2016

As you would be aware: as of Friday 10 June 2016 Coles have opted to revert back to Enterprise Agreements from 2011. For Victorian meat workers this is the Coles Supermarkets Australia Pty Ltd & AMIEU Victorian Meat Agreement 2011.

This is a huge victory for the AMIEU. We have fought long and hard to achieve this outcome and want to thank our members who have stuck with us.

It shows that the SDA had not only done a cosy deal with Coles, but have also ripped off their own members by way of underpayments.

What this means, moving forward, is that all our meat team members no longer have to do any shifts outside of the Meat Department. If you’re currently working shifts in another department you can refuse to do them and return to the Meat Department. Coles must have agreement from the AMIEU for meat workers to work in other departments.

Some more things to be aware of include:

  • Your base rate of pay will not change.
  • Penalty rates will apply for those who work prior to 5.00am and after 7.00pm for full timers; for part time workers penalties apply before 5.00am and after 10.00pm.
  • Penalty rates will also apply to those members who weren’t getting them across weekends. On Saturdays this is 125% for part timers, or 175% for full timers. On Sundays penalty rates for meat workers will be 200%.
  • Junior rates do not apply for anybody working on the meat cabinet; you are paid as an adult regardless of your age.
  • Part time team members will get time off in lieu for public holidays falling on your weekend; regardless of whether you work the five shifts per week or the twenty starts a months.

We will be contacting Coles to restart negotiations for a New Meat Agreement and will keep you posted as more news becomes available.