ATTENTION: Coles Members

By now you all would have received the newsletter from Coles regarding Growing Together and Industrial Action and how you won’t be losing any of your entitlements.

What needs to be asked is: How long will you keep your current entitlements that they have said you will keep?

We understand that Coles and SDA/AWU agreement is:

  • Entitlements will be just for the life of this proposed agreement (that is 3 years) then they would disappear.
  • Butchers then align with the N.S.W pay rates.
  • NSW span of hours is Mon-Sun 5.00am-10.00pm.
  • Saturday 100% (no penalties) and Sunday 150%.
  • Cabinet Attendants won’t even get that they will lose money over the life of this proposed agreement based on the store team members pay rate.
  • Butchers will be doing all the packing and wrapping, mark downs etc, Cabinet Attendants will be gone out onto the shop floor never to return.
  • Coles also want the Butchers to train the Slicers and then Slicers to train Slicers, Why would you train yourself out of a job?

What about the New Team Members?

  • No RDOs.
  • No cold allowance.
  • Weekend rates Saturday NO penalty rates Sunday 150%
  • Reduced pay on weekend sick leave.
  • The only super choice is the SDA fund Rest.
  • The introduction of Junior rates for young meat packers/cabinet attendants.
  • No Butchers Picnic.

Who do you think your Friendly Store Managers will roster on weekend shifts and on butcher’s picnic days?

It won’t be you!

Does that sound like a friendly Team environment in the Meat Department? Or, as Coles puts it, Growing Together.

Coles can spin this however they like we all know what their end game is. And that’s to cut costs in the Meat Departments.

It’s a nice picture of a smiling Andy Coleman but does he really know what goes on at the Store Level and how your Store managers bully and harass you to cut hours and to work those not so family friendly rosters? No he does not!

It’s time to tell Coles that you do not want an Agreement which Coles and the SDA have agreed to on your behalf.

Vote YES to Industrial Action