Attention: Coles' AMIEU Members STRIKE ACTION

In line with the vote by Coles' members the AMIEU Victorian Branch has called a state-wide 24 hour strike of all members at Coles this Friday 6 February 2015.

Coles and Westfarmers - Unfair to workers

This protected industrial action applies to all Coles' AMIEU members regardless if you’re in the Meat rooms or on the shop floor.

You do not go to work on Friday 6 February.

We have notified Coles of the pending action. You don’t need to notify your store. Just don’t turn up for your rostered shift.

We will also be targeting specific stores on this day to voice our outrage at Coles in what they are trying to do with our pay and conditions. We will notify members of the location of the targeted Stores on Thursday evening via email; on our Facebook page; and on our website (here).

Those who don’t have email or access to a computer are asked to ring the Union office on (03) 9662 3766 and leave your phone details; then you will receive a text or a phone call on Thursday evening.

Those who live close to the Targeted Stores are asked to attend to show your support.

All AMIEU members can also give support.

Check out our new Facebook page and encourage other workers, Coles’ customers, members of families and anybody else who might support workers’ right to decent pay to support the petition.

The AMIEU-Vic Facebook page is here and the Coles petition is here

Don’t forget Friday 6 Feb is Strike Day at Coles – No Work.

Later there will be more strike actions. Keep in touch.

Discuss amongst yourselves what you will do to make sure that Coles know that you don’t want to have your wages and conditions torn down.

If there are several of you it would be good if you could form an information line; hand out these leaflets and collect signatures of customers for the petition.

If there are enough of you it would be good if you form a picket line.

Any picket line that is formed cannot be obstructive. It must allow people to pass to and from Coles' stores and loading bays unimpeded.

The proposed EBA is an attack on the conditions of the truckies as well as the meatworkers.