Attention: AMIEU Members JBS Cobram

21 April 2017

To: AMIEU Members JBS Cobram

At the JBS Cobram meeting on the 19th April, management gave out a 'Frequently Asked Question and Answer Sheet' to the employees. All those questions were generated from union members to your delegates: Brian Thurston; Ian Shore; and Donna Irvine; which the union got drawn up and sent on 10th April to the company on behalf of our members. Attached is the company's answer to our members’ questions.

As the result of the long stand down the AMIEU will suspend all union fees until our members are back at work

If redundancy comes into the equation it will be under the NES which is National Employment Standards. Under the NES, Daily Hire Employees are not entitled to Notice of Termination. I have included fact sheets on redundancy for your information.

There is no need to resign your position from JBS in order to take on another job or to get social security. We urge you not to resign.

The AMIEU is looking to make sure that you are paid for the meeting on 19 April. After all you were required to attend.

John Berry JBS is doing an interview with Jodie Fleming, win news, today. I suggested that it would be a good idea if she asked the question about payment for the 19th April.

I have sent emails to Federal and State politicians, Brendan O’Connor and Wade Noonan, on the situation at Cobram. 


Barrie Chalkley
Assistant Secretary
Australasian Meat Industry Employees Union Vic Branch
telephone: 03 9662 3766
facsimile:  03 9662 9549
mobile: 0412 119 552