Attention - All Woolworths members

Woolworths Members

On Friday 26th of June the AMIEU met with Woolworths, in Sydney to Raise concerns from our members in relation to the structural changes throughout Victoria.

Woolworths have indicated that Team Members who re apply, and are successful, will retain their current rates of pay either schedule A or B.

There will be no forced relocation to lower paid duties. However, if you accept such a role you will transition to the retail rates of pay.

If, throughout this whole process, you are left with no position redundancies will be offered to those Team Members affected. 

These payments will be as per the Woolworths National Agreement 2012. That is: if you are forty-five years of age and under, with six years of service redundancy payment is sixteen weeks.

If you are over forty five years of age with six years of service and over there is twenty weeks redundancy payment.