AMIEU Members at Tibaldi Australasia to vote in Protected Action Ballot

The AMIEU has met with Tibaldi Australasia to try to negotiate an Enterprise Agreement on numerous occasions. On 8 November the Fair Work Commission has granted the AMIEU to have a protected action ballot because we have been unable to reach agreement with Tibaldi Australasia.

In March the workers rejected the Enterprise Agreement that Ridders Fresh/Tibaldi wanted them to accept.

Since the workers have stood together there has been some movement from Tibaldi. Now they have agreed on:

  • 15% loading for workers on afternoon shift
  • 17.5% leave loading on annual leave
  • 0600 to 1800 being the spread for Ordinary hours
  • Overtime being calculated daily on a 7.6 hour day

Check out the newsletter from March 2013 and you will see that there has been a significant improvement  in management's attitude because the workers have stood together

However, the main sticking point is on the level of the wage. Members have rejected the company's offer of a 2.5% wage increase on the Federal Award component of the proposed pay scale.

The AMIEU is not the only union in dispute with Tibaldi Australasia on wages and conditions at this time. The AMWU and the ETU have also been negotiating EBAs with Tibaldi and have held protected action ballots.