AMIEU Coles Members National Newsletter - MARCH 2015


And now the Coles spin is in full flight with store team newsletters and ‘huddles’ coming thick and fast in an effort to force this shabby enterprise agreement through.

You will hear, or may have already heard, the spin from Coles and their stooges about losses of conditions being a myth. Just by way of example here is clause 4.2 of the proposed agreement;

Time and Day Additional Penalty
Midnight to 5am (on each day) 30%
10pm to Midnight Saturday 25%
Midnight Saturday to 6am Sunday 100%
6am to 9pm Sunday 50%
9pm to Midnight Sunday 100%
Public Holidays 150%

Well look at that!  These rates look different to the ones in your current meat agreements.  Not to mention the rostering arrangements guaranteeing weekends off and other family friendly arrangements that also disappear in this Coles grab for meat conditions.

These conditions no longer exist in enterprise agreements affecting Coles’ workers therefore they are gone!! No spin. No BS. A lot of the current employees will have saved arrangements as we have previously said but to say there is no loss to meat units is simply a LIE!

Members need to actively encourage the rest of the store to vote this shabby and deceptive deal, and even shabbier attack on meat unit conditions, down.

IMPORTANT: A lot of the store don’t care about our conditions.

Simply point out to them that this is a rubbish deal anyway and that they can do better by VOTING NO!

A positive vote only gets a store team member $12.40. They can do better.

Graham Smith
Federal Secretary