AMIEU Coles Members National Newsletter – FEBRUARY 2015

February Update

he AMIEU members in Coles across the country are fighting to retain their current conditions and their enterprise agreements. Conditions they have fought hard for over the years and won!

The loss of our state-based agreements with Coles means that:

  1. All new employees will be on less wages and conditions in meat units;
  2. Existing employees will have a raft of savings provisions to ‘protect’ them;
  3. The savings provisions do not protect ALL current conditions;
  4. The saved conditions will be eroded over the next few rounds of bargaining as the SDA sell them off in return for meagre pay increases for their members;
  5. Guess who will get all the non-penalty rosters and lose money anyway;
  6. Continued disadvantage of numbers when voting for any agreement.

We are about to embark on a National Vote NO campaign backed up by industrial action by the AMIEU members in every state that is able to do so.

The National Vote NO! campaign is aimed at getting all of the workers, AMIEU, SDA, TWU, and even non-union workers to vote down this disgraceful deal.

We need your help to ensure our newsletters and handouts into the stores are seen by all the workers.

Encourage them to ask for a better deal because it’s not just about meatworkers…..the deal is crap anyway!

Talk to your workmates and everyone at your store and encourage them to vote NO!

If we can get this deal voted down it will force Coles back to the table to negotiate better.

We know that in the past the store workers have just accepted any old deal but that’s because nobody gave them any hope of doing better. This time is different.


As well as the Vote NO! campaign we are also taking it up directly to Coles via strike action.

Our members in Victoria have already taken strike action with Tasmania to follow suit within days. (Probably already there by the time you receive this newsletter)

Only three states are able to take action at the moment but they will be followed by other states just as soon as their agreements reach their nominal expiry dates (which triggers the legal ability for us to take strike action there as well).

NSW and WA are within a couple of weeks of making applications to the Fair Work Commission to conduct Protected Action Ballots among those members.

Protected action means the strike action is legal and protected from prosecution.

Queensland is in the process of conducting a ballot of its members to join in now as well.

SA is unfortunately only three quarters the way through their agreement and have to wait a little longer but if we can keep the pressure on Coles and defeat this agreement (Vote it DOWN) then all of industrial muscle will be able to be brought to bear on Coles.

Let’s see how they fare on the face of a truly national strike!


Encourage the NO Vote!

Get the store workers engaged!

Support each other and support the Unions' efforts!

When it comes to an agreement that reduces your current conditions just remember Coles’ policy when it goes to the vote:

Graham Smith
Federal Secretary